GCFF - Bringing films to life - 17-29 April 2018 GCFF - Bringing films to life - 17-29 April 2018




 $15 | VR Showcase

For the first time GCFF will take you to the forefront of cinematic innovation through a program of varied Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences. You’ll be transported deep into films, stories, and places designed to expand your perception of the world we live in and the possibilities for immersive storytelling in the years to come.

The selection on offer is a mix of inspiring, entertaining, enlightening and fantastic experiences representing some of the very best VR content from all around the world and Australia many of which will resonate with you long after the festival.

We’ll be presenting a wealth of Cinematic and Interactive Virtual Reality Experiences for you and your friends to enjoy and explore. Your ticket will give you access to approximately 45 minutes of VR experiences.

In partnership with Byron Bay Film Festival, we’re proud to present a selection of films including:


Straight from Sundance and SXSW Chorus from VR Pioneers Tyler Hurd and Chris Milk pushes the boundaries of the medium. Crystals, lasers, monsters, heroines… Transform into fantastical female warriors in this social virtual reality experience. Six people can band together to battle evil in an epic journey of empowerment, all orchestrated to the song “Chorus” by Justice.


Rone takes you inside the famous street artist’s world, following him into the rarely-explored spaces in which he works (an abandoned paper mill, a house set for demolition, a crumbling theatre), and learning about his unique philosophy on art, life and the artistic process behind his epic murals.

A Thin Black Line

As bombers strafed the lightly defended city of Darwin in 1942, nearly half the civilian population fled southwards in the belief a Japanese invasion was imminent. Amongst them was Indigenous filmmaker Douglas Watkin’s mother, just five-years old at the time. An animated documentary in interactive real-time Virtual Reality, A Thin Black Line invites the audience to step into a pivotal event in the history of one family, and a nation, through the eyes of a young child.

Inside Manus

Hidden behind a media blackout, the imprisonment of asylum seekers in offshore detention centres is a foreign concept to most Australians. Inside Manus harnesses the immersive power of VR to take the audience behind the razor-wire to meet the people who are being denied their freedom, their rights, and even their identity.

The Peeler

Not for the faint-hearted The Peeler is a home-grown Gold Coast Cinematic VR production. Directed by Harrison Norris and produced by Harrison and Guy Norris (co-directors of the Suicide Squad VR experience) along with Emily Tate. Full of blood and gore The Peeler is a dark journey into a murderous psychopath’s warehouse. Strapped to a gurney, your only hope of survival lies in the hands of another escaped captive…


An exhilarating and visceral film that tells the expansive story of Carriberrie: dance, song and music in Aboriginal culture. From the heart of the country at Uluru, actor and performer David Gulpilil welcomes us to on a journey through time and space across Australia, from traditional ceremonial dance and song, towards intrinsically contemporary and modern expressions.

From iconic ceremonial traditional dances in Uluru, group hunting songs in the rain forrest, funeral songs in the desert, from the most Northern tip of Australia to Sydney’s iconic Opera House with Bangarra Dance Theatre, this live-action VR documentary showcases a stunning range of Australian locations and performances.

Fantasynth: Chez Nous

Fantasynth: Chez Nous is an audio-reactive experience designed for Virtual Reality. Glide through a procedurally populated environment that comes alight with electronic music by French producer N’to.

“An infectiously cool ride through mind-bending geometry” – ROAD TO VR


Take a break from reality and explore an animated psychedelic sculpture park. Wander through the labyrinth, soar across the open space, or just hang out and let the mesmerizing ever-changing sculptures provide a rejuvenating refuge for your mind. Blortasia combines art and flying in virtual reality. 



2 days only! Sessions selling fast!

Saturday 28 April – Sunday 29 April,
10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
| Lounge – HOTA, Home of the Arts

Ages: Recommended for ages 7+

Please note: If a particular session is sold out, limited tickets may be released on the day –  if you’re unable to attend in a different time slot and would like to go on the waiting list for a session please email Isabella@gcfilmfestival.com.

Presented in partnership with Byron Bay Film Festival.

Supported by Samsung, Vive and Acer.

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