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Laneway Cinema: The Legend of Jackie Chan

Laneway Cinema: The Legend of Jackie Chan

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With more than 100 films under his belt, Jackie Chan’s unique slap-stick style Kung Fu is inimitable.

Enjoy a night of authentic Asian food experiences at the Chinatown Street Market, martial arts demonstrations and table tennis alongside two films, THE KARATE KID and DRUNKEN MASTER, that capture the legend that is Jackie Chan.

These two action comedies, made 30 years apart, both explore the relationship and dynamics between martial arts Master and Apprentice. DRUNKEN MASTER is one of Chan’s earliest masterpieces, introducing his unique brand of comedy to create a Hong Kong cinema classic that propelled him to international stardom. While more recently, the family-focused 2010 THE KARATE KID remake saw Chan take the role of Master, taking young star Jaden Smith through the Kung-Fu ropes set against the backdrop of stunning Chinese locations.


Saturday 6 April, 5pm-9pm – Gold Coast Chinatown

5pm: The Karate Kid (2010) (PG) 
7.20pm: Drunken Master (1978) (M)

Free, all ages


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