GCFF - Bringing films to life - 17-29 April 2018 GCFF - Bringing films to life - 17-29 April 2018

Closing Night: Escape and Evasion

Closing Night: Escape and Evasion

War/Drama | Australia | World Premiere

Seth is the lone survivor of a mysterious military operation in Burma. After he returns home and tries to get back into a regular existence he is confronted by a Journalist determined to dig up the truth about what exactly those soldiers were doing in that tropical jungle.

Writer/director Storm Ashwood’s gripping evocation of the toils of war is anchored by a startling, and emotional, performance from Josh McConville. Proudly filmed on the Gold Coast, this locally made production is an exciting war movie and a compelling examination into the troubling effects of PTSD.

Join the film’s cast and crew for a Q&A after the film.

Director: Storm Ashwood
Cast: Josh McConville, Rena Owen, Steve Le Marquand, Firass Dirani
Country: Australia
Runtime: 90 mins
Rating: 15+
Passes Bechdel test? Yes


Sunday 14 April, 6.30pm – Arts Theatre, HOTA


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