The wonderful years of collaboration between SWELL and Gold Coast Film Festival have been consolidated last week with the release of Storyteller sculpture. Created by a Blue Mountains artist Kate Moore, Storyteller celebrates 20 years of Gold Coast Film Festival by paying a tribute to film, colour, characters, artists and audience through its eye-catching appearance.  

Storyteller is taking its residence at our partner venue, Pacific Fair, until 1 May 2022. Make sure to visit, celebrate and experience interesting film-related events at Pacific Fair!

 If you do miss out, don’t worry, the Storyteller will make its reappearance at SWELL’s 20’s anniversary festival taking place on 8-19 September. Keep an eye for a program that will be released in July, to enjoy and appreciate over 50 large scale contemporary sculptures set across Gold Coast’s natural landscapes and join us for a pop-up screening event that GCFF is arranging as a part of our cultural partnership!