GCFF - Bringing Films To Life - April 20 - May 1 2022 GCFF - Bringing Films To Life - April 20 - May 1 2022


Contractor Induction

Welcome to the Gold Coast Film Festival team! All new and returning contractors are required to complete an induction. This induction will give you information about the Festival as well as work place health & safety practices. 

Part 1: Contractor Handbook

Please download and read the GCFF Contractor Handbook, with details about working with the Gold Coast Film Festival. This handbook is the GCFF bible and has all the information you need for working with GCFF – please download and keep a copy for your reference. Should you have any questions about the Contractor Handbook, please contact Aimée Lindorff, Festival Director.


Part 2: Induction Training

Please complete the induction training by clicking ‘Start Induction’ below. This induction training will take you through:
   a) Workplace Health & Safety practices
   b) GCFF Code of Conduct
   c) Non-Disclosure Agreement
   d) Image Consent Form

All contractors are required to complete the induction training before commencing work.

(The induction training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete)


Part 3: Submit your induction

Once you have read the contractor handbook and completed the induction training, please complete the declaration below to submit your induction.


Submit Induction

I declare that I have read and understood all of the induction documents and training


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