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Experience Australia’s first live ASMR performance from one of the world’s biggest ASMRtists, WhispersRed.

Thursday 12 March, 6pm & 7.30pm – Home of the Arts, Gold Coast

A live immersive ASMR performance from one of the world’s biggest ASMRtists, WhispersRed.

This one-hour live interactive experience will see one of the world’s best-known ASMRtists, Emma Smith – known as WhispersRed – whisper, poke, crunch, stroke and squeeze to create sounds to relax and evoke a tingling, deeply calming ASMR sensation.

In the dark and dimly lit den, get cosy in your beanbag and experience a one-hour live performance from WhispersRed, as she creates soothing sounds using everyday objects and gentle whispers.

London-based Emma Smith (aka WhispersRed) has been soothing the internet with her deeply calming ASMR videos since 2014.  Some of her most popular videos have been watched by over 10 million viewers and she is a thought-leader in the area, with her book Unwind Your Mind recently published around the world.

Ticket holders from both sessions can stay and join the ASMR Meet Up to mingle and meet Emma at 8.30pm.

Session times: Thursday 12 March, 6pm – 7pm, 7.30pm – 8.30pm, followed by ASMR Meet Up at 8.30pm

Venue: Indoors at the Outdoor Stage, HOTA Home of the Arts

Tickets: $35

ASMR Workshop with Emma Smith aka WhispersRed

Join Emma Smith, known as one of the world’s biggest ASMRtists, for an intimate, interactive workshop on ASMR and sound creation.

Participants will come away with practical techniques for sound creation, relaxation techniques and knowledge on how to create your own ASMR and an appreciation for the ordinary objects in our lives that can create extraordinary sounds.

Times: Saturday 14thMarch, 10am-12pm

Venue: Basement, HOTA Home of the Arts

Tickets $50, limited to 20 people 

What is ASMR?

ASMR, for the unacquainted, stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a fancy way of describing ‘spine tingles’ or a nice soothing or relaxing feeling that happens in response to different sounds.

It’s a global phenomenon, with thousands of ASMRtists creating hundreds and thousands ASMR videos watched by tens of millions of people who enjoy the sounds to help them fall asleep, unwind, study or relax.


HOTA Home of the Arts and Gold Coast Film Festival Present ASMR Live! as part of OUT LOUD Festival at HOTA, March 6-15. 

Part of the Gold Coast Film Festival’s year-round program of screenings and events, supported by the City of Gold Coast, to celebrate innovative screen content and the communities it creates. 


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