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Producing: Money vs time

Seminar | $10, Bookings required
Saturday 22 April, 11:00am | The Basement - The Arts Centre Gold Coast

New panellist added!  Rob Cowan, executive producer Aquaman and San Andreas.

How can you balance the biggest challenges in filmmaking – time and money? Is more pre-production time worth the expense? Highly experienced producers share their experiences of producing and provide tips on balancing time and money.

Our REELLIFE series of panels are designed for screen industry professionals to extend their knowledge and networks. Whether you are a film, TV or gaming practitioner, film student or even a film fan curious about filmmaking you’ll find a REELLIFE session that will broaden your knowledge, answer questions and develop your skills.

Panelists: Sue Maslin (The Dressmaker, Road to Nhill, Japanese Story), Jan Chapman (The Piano, Lantana, The Daughter), Trish Lake (Gettin’ Square, Early Winter, Frackman, My America) and Rob Cowan (Aquaman, San Andreas).

Moderated by Screen Queensland’s Jo Dillon.

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