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Closing Night Film: Event Zero

Action/Thriller | Australian
CLOSING NIGHT | Sunday 30 April, 7:00pm | The Arts Centre Gold Coast

When a terrorist attack hits Sydney releasing a highly contagious virus into the population, Detective Leyla Nassar (Offsping’s Ash Ricardo) must race across the city and find the culprits while the Deputy Premier Pamela Laird (Zoe Carides) battles power hungry politicians eager to use the catastrophe for their own nefarious means.

This pulse-pounding action thriller plays like a season of TV’s 24 set in Sydney and crammed into a breathlessly paced 100 minutes. With a star-studded Aussie cast including the legendary Zoe Carides and Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby), Event Zero is a politically charged thrill ride sure to result in some controversial post-screening conversation.

Join actor Zoe Carides, writer Greta Harrison and director Enzo Tedeschi for a Q&A after the film.

Director: Enzo Tedeschi
Year: 2017
Language: English 
Runtime: 93 Minutes 
Rating: 18+
Passes Bechdel Test? Yes

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